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Thursday, March 11, 2010


By definition, wind includes the element of time. Wind is the motion of particles, and motion is based on time and distance. If particles could be one-dimensional, wind would only require three dimensions, but one of those dimensions would have to be time. On a more complex level, wind is a feature of weather systems which move from place to place, again requiring time.

But this morning, as I hauled the trash bin out to the sidewalk, I realized that wind had affected my schedule, the routine arrangement of my time. Terry usually hauls the bin out on Wednesday night to await pick-up on Thursday morning. But the wind was doing its Hurricane thing (There's a reason the town next to us is named Hurricane.) and we didn't want to see the bin blown over, lid fallen open, and our trash flying around the neighborhood.

When we first moved here, The wind flared up almost every Wednesday. I began to wonder if there could be a 7-day cycle involved. That idea seemed unlikely, and it didn't hold up in the long run. A probabilistic anomaly. I've been fooled by those before.

The first couple of months we were here I was surprised to see lawn chairs and decorative pillows blowing around the neighborhood. The funniest sight was an empty mattress box chasing a woman down the street. Luckily, it doesn't blow like that all the time. Most days are quite calm. This morning was just a bit breezy, nothing like last night.

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