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Friday, March 12, 2010

evading the big rigs

Rain cheated Reinee of running opportunities for over a week, but we made up for it today. I'm determined to find a way past the entrance to the area where they're mining gravel that doesn't bring us dangerously close to the road where the big side dumpers are roaring back and forth.
This time we went north by walking near the left side of the road just below the top of embankment. The bank was steep and the dirt was soft and loose. We encountered prickly bushes, stickers and sharp rocks. We had to descend quite a ways to get over the culvert and then had to climb up again. There was a spectacular viewpoint just north of the culvert.

On the way back, we walked much further to the east. This was a much better route, though it did take us down through the wash. The off-roaders have found a crossing place that's fairly wide and shallow, and we followed their example. We stayed west of the telephone poles as we headed back to Main Street, and had only mild rises and falls to contend with.

This walk has been our most strenuous so far, though the time we climbed up to the ridge was more demanding in a different way.

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