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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mayor's hike, then Tangemans arrive, Sunday run

Saturday, LaVerkin Mayor Karl Wilson led a group of us up to the south end of the Laverkin Overlook from the south end of town, where the Virgin River approaches State Hwy 9.  Reinee received special permission to join us. It was a steep hike, and there were opportunities for climbing, but gentler grades were always availble via brief switchbacks. The views were spectacular. 

Here's a link to a slideshow.
Mayor's hike to LaVerkin Overlook
You may have to arrow your way through the slides.

Here's a sample photo:
Terry picked me up at the Overlook so that we would be sure to be home when Jim and Marian Tangeman arrived for their promised visit. It was good to see them again after such a long time. Jim and Terry talked about steam engines; Marian and I talked about eveything else. We enjoyed dinner at Britt's Cafe in Hrricane. Jim and Marian left on Sunday -- entriely too soon.

Reinee's Sunday run produced some nice photos. Many wildflowers are coming into bloom following a nurturing series of spring rains. Among todays new ones were sego lilies and evening primrose. Being unfamiliar with desert flora, I've been unable to identify many of the plants I see. Work to do! There's a joyous prospect.

Here's another slideshow:
Reinee's run 4/25/10

and a sample photo:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're having a cold, rainy spell, but yesterday we managed to fit in Reinee's run before the rain arrived. The skies were spectacular. 

We explored what looked like it would be a short trail, the last unexplored trail. It turned out to be the route to the bottom of the canyon, where the creek flows in rainy times. We tried to stay out of the wash as much as possible. The cold wind had chilled us at the beginning of our walk, and we welcomed the shelter of the canyon.

I'll add photos of the canyon after I've cropped, resized and sharpened them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

fascinating trails linked to LaVerkin Overlook

There are a surprising number of trails and viewpoints linked to the LaVerkin Overlook. With Terry driving us to our starting point, Reinee and I have been exploring this area south of Highway 9 between LaVerkin and Virgin. Most of the flowers we found were in the higher area to the west.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

summer is here

We ate lunch alfresco today for the first time this year, and The Big Chill booth (shaved ice) at the Hurricane/LaVerkin town line opened for the season.

The apricot tree is providing just enough shade so that it's comfortable to eat out on our mini-patio.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Overlook Road

Tuesday and Thursday, Reinee's Run took us to the Laverkin Overlook road. I took a series photos of the developed lower Hurricane Valley side (east) and the Zion side (west) where the foreground is a deep, rocky gulch. I'll try to stitch the photos into panoramics and post them on a site that will do them justice.

some luck with iGoogle

Computer problems continue, but I have been having some luck with iGoogle.