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Monday, March 15, 2010

laptop crisis = netbook news

Yesterday, my laptop locked up while updating Windows, and nothing I tried would get it started again. It's been slowing down and having problems refreshing windows. Shutdown problems inclluded a file named SysFade.exe. A search using Terry's computer found an explanation at GeeksToGo. The video driver needed to be reinstalled, but I couldn't do that with the machine locked up. We made a trip to Best Buy, where a very helpful geek-squadder ran a diagnostic on the hard drive, which didn't pass the test. I left the computer behind to have the hard drive replaced. That was done, and Lappy is now waiting for the proper recover disk so he can get up and running again. Meanwhile, I was without a computer.

But ... about a week ago I had seen a little Acer Aspire netbook and fallen in love. There must have been some leftover fairy dust blowing around since Valentine's Day. We ran down to Costco today and picked one up. I have it up and running (and anti-virused), ready to go, though I still have to get my local e-mail set up. It's going to be great. The video is so sharp that the text, though small, is easier to read than the laptop's, and the touchpad is better, too. Aspy weighs less than 3 pounds and would fit in a large purse.

I plan to use the Aspire for most Internet uses and do project work on the HP laptop. ♥♥♥♥

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