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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've been having so much trouble with this computer that working around it uses up most of my free time. I can't get PhotoShop to work on this computer, and learning new photo programs is mindboggling. I had an old computer repaired and upgraded, hoping to use the old PhotoShop, but when I plugged in my thumnb drive with the camera flash card, the USB ports weren't working (I thought). The wireless doesn't work either. Despair. But yesterday, I tried to use laptop speakers through the USB port. First try failed, but the second port is working. I must have tried the same port twice (ditz!) with the flash card. So I can go back to PhotoShop without the nightmare of copying to hard drive and CD and then to the old hard drive. WOW!
Maybe I'll get back to posting here. I've missed it.

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